About Us

Vs jewelry was founded in 1954. It is one of the most dynamic presences in the field of jewelry, promoting luxury and emphasizing on detail and aesthetics. The company was founded in order to design, manufacture and sell special, individual jewelry that remain unique over time due to their fine quality.


Who we are

Varant Sekayan was born in Lebanon in 1980. He has been involved in the jewelry business since the age of 15. Owning a shop, on a main street of Athens, at 23-25 Lekka Street, this is also where all the jewelry is being made. His love and passion for jewelry made him stand out very quickly in his genre and create a store centered on quality and reliability.

“Well, the first step in the family was taken by my uncle Hrarr Sekayan and my grandfather. My inspiration definitely came from Lebanon, the country of the art of jewelry. But also, falling in love with the aesthetics and the culture of Greece”.
Varant Sekayan


Our Workshop

In our workshop the art of handmade jewelry meets the latest generation machines. Classic designs coexist with modern fashion trends and gemstones stand out highlighting their charm. Our dedication to quality constructions in gold and the choice of mineral stones from all over the world makes us stand out and be able to suggest precious jewelry.
Our specialized team is here for you, always willing to serve you, in this magical world of jewelry that we created!

Why You Choose Us ?

We design pieces you put on and never take off.

Something you don’t have to think twice about. So when you step out into the world, you feel a little better, a little brighter, and authentically you.

We guarantee your satisfaction with top quality and design products.

After 60 years in the field, emphasizing our way of working, the detail, the elegance and your personalized choice, we feel completely satisfied for the trust you show us by choosing Vs Jewelry for your personal moments wearing our own jewelry.

Every day we build with you relationships of love, devotion, trust, elements that inspire the creation of a variety of jewelry.

We are here, guarantors of our kind, for the quality of your choice, which will highlight your style, your personality and your unique composition.